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Since 1954, Texas State has offered correspondence courses. Currently, the Office of Distance and Extended Learning offers 50 accredited graduate and undergraduate university courses in a variety of subjects. Both in-state and out-of-state students may take correspondence self-paced courses developed and taught by Texas State-approved faculty, which are comparable in content and quality to on-campus Texas State courses, for a cost that is consistently among the lowest in the nation. Correspondence self-paced study can be liberating. Whether you move to a new location, work irregular hours, have family obligations, or find that you need to put your studies aside for awhile, you can take a correspondence self-paced course wherever you are and whenever is convenient. 

Formal acceptance to Texas State is not required to take a correspondence self-paced course, and enrollment in a correspondence self-paced course does not constitute admission to the university. In fact, students do not need to be enrolled in a college or university to take a course through this office. Courses are open to all those who meet departmental and course prerequisites and Texas Success Initiative Program (TSIP) requirements. Correspondence study is self-directed and self-paced, yet the courses parallel those taught in the traditional classroom. Students can take courses from any location and may enroll in courses at any time during the academic year.