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Benefits to Departments

There are advantages not only for faculty, but also for departments and colleges when developing and offering a correspondence self-paced course. Though correspondence self-paced study is viewed by some as taking formula funding away from the department, actual enrollment figures are less than one-tenth of one percent of the total SCH generated annually at Texas State. Of that, approximately 50 percent of the total enrollment comes from Texas State students. So, what are the advantages? 
  • Enrollment in courses is not limited geographically, which results in nationwide exposure for faculty, the department, the college, and Texas State.
  • Correspondence self-paced study offers an excellent solution for providing students access to popular courses, or courses that are difficult to staff and schedule.
  • Correspondence self-paced study alleviates the dependence on limited classroom space.
  • Correspondence self-paced study can help meet departmental outreach needs.
  • Offering a course through correspondence self-paced study rather than adding sections that may or may not make due to low enrollment or lack of faculty is more cost effective and provides better student service.