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Correspondence Courses and Degree Completion

Note: See the Course Offerings page for a list of currently open courses.

Prospective students interested in the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) to Bachelor's of Science in Respiratory Care (BSRC) degree completion program may need a few courses in the General Education Core Curriculum prior to being admitted. Exploring correspondence courses at Texas State University may be a quick and affordable solution. Correspondence courses are: 

  • Self-paced--allowing you to complete the course quickly (in a matter of a few months) or giving you up to six or nine months if you need more time to make the class fit your schedule.
  • Online--letting you work from home at times convenient to you.
  • Enrolling immediately--letting you get started right away without waiting for a specific semester start date.

Students do not need to be admitted to Texas State University to enroll in a correspondence course and there's very little paperwork since correspondence courses do not qualify for financial aid. Prices per course are affordable. Browse the relevant course listings below.

Important: to ensure that you're selecting the course option best for your specific circumstance, please contact your academic advisor at Texas State University in the BSRC program. 

Correspondence Courses Meeting The Texas State University General Education Core Curriculum

Communication (6 hours required)
ENG 1310 College Writing I
ENG 1320 College Writing II

Mathematics (3 hours required)
MATH 1315 College Algebra
MATH 1316 Survey of Contemporary Math
MATH 1319 Math for Business and Economics I

Language, Philosophy, and Culture (3 hours required)
PHIL 1305 Philosophy and Critical Thinking
PHIL 1320 Ethics and Society

Creative Arts (3 hours required)
ART 2313 Introduction to Fine Arts

History (6 hours required)
HIST 1310 U.S. History to 1877
HIST 1320 U.S. History to Date

Government (6 hours required)
POSI 2310 Principles of American Government
POSI 2320 Functions of American Government

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 hours required)
PSY 1300 Introduction to Psychology (Course closed; currently under revision)
SOCI 1310 Introduction to Sociology

Texas State Components: Language, Philosophy, and Culture (3 hours required)
ENG 2310 British Literature Before 1785
ENG 2320 British Literature Since 1785
ENG 2340 World Literature Since 1600
ENG 2359 American Literature Before 1865
ENG 2360 American Literature Since 1865