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Required Meningitis Vaccination

Texas law requires that all new college students under 22 years old must be immunized against bacterial meningitis before they enroll in an institution of higher education. State law mandates that first-time college students, students transferring from another institution, and students who are re-enrolling following a break of at least one fall or spring semester be inoculated against the illness.

Correspondence self-paced students under 22 years old who plan to come to the Texas State campus at any time during their enrollment, whether to take exams or for any other purpose must be vaccinated. Under the law, new college students under 22 years old must have received the vaccine within the past five years. 

Students may purchase the vaccination through the Texas State Student Health Center, through an area public health clinic, or from another provider. More information is available from the Meningitis Vaccination Requirement page.