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Correspondence Self-Paced Course Policies

Most Texas State correspondence self-paced courses require a student to take one to three exams. These exams were previously proctored at in-person testing centers, however, they are now being transitioned to online proctoring to ensure a fully online course experience. During this transition to online proctoring, in-person proctored testing will no longer be offered beginning May 24, 2021. During the transition to online proctoring, alternative exams will be the primary means of examinations for correspondence courses until online proctoring is set up for each individual course. Alternative exams have been utilized during the pandemic, and they will continue to be a temporary measure until online proctoring is ready for correspondence courses.

Alternative exams must still be requested using the request form link found on this page. Students will be notified once online proctoring is set up for their course, and there will be clear instructions for how to set up those exams.

If your course has a cumulative final exam, you must score 60 percent or higher on that exam to pass the course. For courses in which the final exam is not cumulative, the average grade on all exams must be at least 60 percent for you to pass the course.

For an explanation of a specific course‚Äôs exams and grading criteria, refer to the introduction or syllabus in your course. Exams will not be provided or approved until you have completed all assignments due before the exam. You must receive official grades from your instructor for all prerequisite assignments before your exam will be administered or mailed to a proctor. If you are taking a final exam, you are acknowledging that your course work is complete as submitted. All assignments submitted to date will be factored into the computation of your final course grade, and no further submissions will be permitted.

Scheduling Your Exam

Alternative Exams (Temporary Measures)

As of May 24, 2021, all in-person proctored testing will no longer be conducted for correspondence courses. As our courses transition to online proctoring, students will utilize Alternative Testing in their courses. These alternative exams are the same exams used during the pandemic for at-home test taking. These exams are open-note and non-proctored. To request this exam, please fill out the alternative exam request found below. Request forms must be submitted before a student can receive the code to their exam or the exam material itself. Please submit the exam at least 2 business days prior to when you expect to take the exam.

Online Proctored Examinations

Courses will require one or more of the following:

  1. Exam(s) proctored online with Proctorio - Coming Soon!
  2. Exam(s) submitted online without a proctor

Some courses require both proctored exam(s) and non-proctored exam(s). Information about your specific course exams can be found on your Canvas course site.

Instructions for scheduling an online proctored exam will be provided when online proctoring is ready for correspondence courses.

The exam request form for the Alternative Exams is found below.

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  • Alternative Testing (Temporary)

    • Alternative Exams are a temporary measure of testing until online proctoring is set up for correspondence courses. Student are required to fill out the Exam Request form for Alternative Testing to receive their exam materials and/or access code. Students should submit the form at least 2 business days prior to when they need to take the exam.

      If you need assistance completing this form, please call the Office of Distance and Extended Learning at 512-245-2322 or 800-511-8656.

  • Testing Through Proctorio - Coming Soon!

    • Important: Proctorio is not currently available for correspondence courses.

      Many correspondence self-paced courses will have online exams that are proctored through Proctorio. This online proctoring service will give you flexibility to schedule exams at your convenience and take them wherever you want as long as you adhere to the course syllabus. The Course Offerings page is a complete listing of courses offered through this office and also specifies which courses use Proctorio. 

      Technical Requirements

      Coming soon.

      Taking Exams

      Coming soon.