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SMARTHINKING is the leading provider of live, online tutoring solutions for colleges and universities. 


Texas State correspondence and extension study students may receive up to three hours of free tutoring in biology, mathematics, writing, and grammar from SMARTHINKING for courses they are enrolled in through the Texas State Office of Distance and Extended Learning. Limited tutoring is also available for Spanish. SMARTHINKING's e-structors are highly qualified graduate students, college faculty, high school teachers, and retired educators recruited from across the country and trained to provide consistent, high-quality academic support. You can also choose the type of help you want:

  • Drop in and work with an e-structor during live tutoring hours.
  • Submit a piece of writing for your correspondence course to the Online Writing Lab (OWL) and have it reviewed by an e-structor and returned to you, usually within 24 hours, and guaranteed within 72 hours.
  • Pre-schedule an online appointment with one of the e-structors.
  • Submit a question and get a response, usually within 24 hours, and guaranteed within 72 hours.
  • Use SMARTHINKING's online study resources.

The Office of Distance and Extended Learning offers this service to our students because we want all students enrolled in our courses to be successful. SMARTHINKING's e-structors strive to help you learn, rather than simply "giving answers" or "doing homework." E-structors can do a great deal to help you:

  • encourage you with constructive criticism
  • help you to identify areas for improvement
  • involve you in discussion and problem-solving strategies
  • treat you with respect
Remember, though, that e-structors cannot do any of the following:
  • do your assignments for you, give you answers to assigned problems, or write any portion of your papers
  • review your assignments and correct errors without your active participation
  • comment on grades or predict a likely grade

Everything you do online is archived and saved in your own personal academic home page, so you can print it out, save it, and always go back to it. Source: Smarthinking (

Getting Started with SMARTHINKING

  • Step 1. Check Your Tech.
    Check system requirements for using SMARTHINKING.
  • Step 2. Get a Username and Password.
    Call 800.511.8656, 512.245.2322 or e-mail and ask for a username and password to begin using SMARTHINKING.
  • Step 3. Begin Using SMARTHINKING.
    Log into SMARTHINKING. Once you are logged onto the site, be sure to change your password.

Below are two short videos that provide basic information about Smarthinking.

1.  Smarthinking Introduction

2.  Smarthinking Overview - Advisors/Faculty (also helpful for students)